Meatless Monday: Myths and Facts

Meatless Monday: Myths and Facts   How did it start? Meatless Monday started as a World War 1 campaign to help ration and allocate key staples. Starting as “meatless Tuesdays”, it was done due to food production and distribution disruption brought about by the...
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TJ Manotoc’s Secret Life Hack is Baron Method

Article originally appeared here: Thrive Global: What’s the first...
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4 Food Swaps Kids will Love

  Fast Food French Fries Even though people choose to believe that ordering French fries counts as their daily serving of vegetables, French fries from your favorite fast food chain is definitely not healthy. First, the oil used in frying the fries is usually...
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The Health Myth of Brown Sugar

We’re sure you’ve heard it before: “Use brown sugar, para mas healthy!” We hate to break it to you but brown sugar isn’t exactly what it seems. It’s white sugar, but with molasses added back in Yep. That’s what brown sugar is. It is basically white sugar that has...
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Five Local Food You Should Be Eating

In a country that is saturated with food chains and food products from abroad, it is no surprise why local food has taken a back seat. Often times, most Filipinos opt for sodas, burgers, etc. rather than trying indigenous (meaning, locally grown and harvested)...
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Nutrition for Trail Running

Trail running is an entirely different animal from traditional running. In my personal opinion, trail running requires more meticulous planning in terms of nutrition. A trail runner has to take into consideration that aid stations might be non-existent or few and far...
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Nutrition: The Neglected Aspect of Sports (Part 2)

Hydrate how? For every athlete, hydration is a big concern. More often than not, dehydration is a concern especially for a tropical country like the Philippines. Thus, most athletes make sure they drink a lot to stay hydrated. If you want to know if you are dehydrated...
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Nutrition: The Neglected Aspect of Sports (Part 1)

Every athlete dreams of racing their personal best. All preparations are made to ensure that they race to their limit. The expensive gear, hours and hours of training, topnotch coaching—these are usually what athletes spend their time and money on. But, what about...
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5 alternatives for going Meat-Free

Meat has always been the go-to source of protein for people who want to build muscle. Meat, whether it is chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc is good because it keeps satiety levels high. It contains high levels of muscle-building protein compared to other types of food....
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For Athletes: Should you go Paleo?

With Crossfit centers all over the metro, it is no surprise that some endurance athletes might have considered, at one point or another, to try the Paleolothic diet. The question is, does Paleo suit endurance athletes who also do Crossfit? Read the pros and cons of...
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Is MCT Oil Better Than VCO?

The rise in popularity of bulletproof coffee brings the desire to experiment with various fat sources that we can add to our daily cup of joe. “Healthy fats” ranging from grass-fed butter to VCO have been used to create what most tout as coffee taken to the next... read more

The Truth About Tartrazine (Yellow #5 Food Coloring)

A shift from junk to health In the past few years, we have seen a shift in lifestyle and health choices. Gone are the days when ignorance was an excuse in choosing junk over healthy food. With all the information readily available online, are we really choosing... read more

What’s in your Cooking Oil?

In today’s time, we have the seen the rise of so much information readily accessible for anyone who owns a mobile phone. This includes information on health trends. With so much knowledge available on what’s healthy and what’s not, is it still possible to overlook... read more

Five Deadly Habits of Workaholics

When powering through a 12-hour workday, it’s easy to overlook something as important as eating right. Breakfast is a foreign concept, lunch is at 3PM, and dinner comes with a beer too many. Because many professionals lack the time to prepare healthy food, their... read more

The Top 5 Worst Ingredients in Food

Have you ever wondered what additives lurk in the ingredients of the food we eat? We have curated the Top 6 worst ingredients in food. Eliminating these food additives one by one is a great starting point to becoming healthy.   Refined sugars Refined sugars are... read more

Are your “Diet” Food Items Really Healthy?

Crackers If you are a 90’s kid, then you might remember how going on a “cracker” diet was all the rage then. Crackers earned the reputation of being a health food because of that. However, if you look at the ingredients of a local pack of crackers, you will see... read more

Top 10 Diet Myths

1.     Skipping meals is a great way to lose weight. The absolutely worst thing you can do when trying to lose weight is to skip meals. Skipping meals can actually backfire on you because on the next meal, when you feel absolutely famished, you will have a tendency to... read more