New Year, New You

Year after year, everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions. It’s only natural to do so because you desire or welcome changes for the incoming new year. Most of these resolutions either relate to going on a diet or to eat healthier in general. However, in...
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The Christmas Balance: Have a Merry Healthy Christmas!

The Christmas Balance: Have a Merry Healthy Christmas! Christmas is one of the biggest festivities of the year and the celebration usually starts early December or can even be as early once the ber-month hits. Along with the festivities and happy bellies come the...
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6 Tips for Healthy Home Cooking

6 Tips for Healthy Home Cooking A home is a special place for everyone where you get to be with your loved ones, and nothing beats the happiness of eating comfort meals at home. It helps to know your way around the kitchen, so you get to eat more healthy and quality...
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5 Diet Food Items That Are Not as Healthy as They Say

Developing a mindset to start eating right and to finally push yourself to take extra steps towards a healthy eating lifestyle is a great way to start but all those efforts to reach your goal will be wasted if you’re not careful with what you eat. Here are some...
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The Top 6 Worst Food Ingredients

Top 6 Worst Food Ingredients Have you ever wondered what additives lurk in the ingredients of the food we eat? We have curated the Top 6 worst ingredients in food. Eliminating these food additives one by one is a great starting point to becoming healthy.  ...
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COVID- 19 and Comorbidities: Why You Should Be Concerned

COVID- 19 and Comorbidities: Why You Should Be Concerned In the news, we learned that individuals who suffer from lifestyle and chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even kidney disease are more at risk to...
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Coping with Mental Health through Food

Coping with Mental Health through Food Viruses and diseases are always a great threat to everyone. During these trying times, it is essential to mind our mental health. Nothing is more important than allowing yourself to cope with this one-of-a-kind situation. Good...
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Ways of Boosting your Immunity During Quarantine

When you get the most common flu-like symptoms such as cough, colds, runny nose, and mild headache—it is your immune system’s way of asking for help. These symptoms are showing up because you might have been running out of defenders inside your body.  Why is this...
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Nutrition as the Best Skincare Routine For You

Nutrition as the Best Skincare Routine For You Doing your “skincare routine” goes beyond merely applying the product on your skin. The most effective way of nourishing your skin is by simply having a healthy diet. Believe it or not, daily consumption of a...
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Is your immune system ready for the battlefield? We got you covered!

With the fear of infectious diseases like the Coronavirus, our body’s immune system, which serves as an army in fending off foreign invaders, needs an extra boost more than ever. Here are practical tips on how you can improve your immune system’s function in defending...
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What’s in your Cooking Oil?

In today’s time, we have the seen the rise of so much information readily accessible for anyone who owns a mobile phone. This includes information on health trends. With so much knowledge available on what’s healthy and what’s not, is it still possible to overlook... read more

Five Deadly Habits of Workaholics

When powering through a 12-hour workday, it’s easy to overlook something as important as eating right. Breakfast is a foreign concept, lunch is at 3PM, and dinner comes with a beer too many. Because many professionals lack the time to prepare healthy food, their... read more

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