COVID- 19 and Comorbidities: Why You Should Be Concerned

COVID- 19 and Comorbidities: Why You Should Be Concerned In the news, we learned that individuals who suffer from lifestyle and chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even kidney disease are more at risk to...
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Coping with Mental Health through Food

Coping with Mental Health through Food Viruses and diseases are always a great threat to everyone. During these trying times, it is essential to mind our mental health. Nothing is more important than allowing yourself to cope with this one-of-a-kind situation. Good...
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Ways of Boosting your Immunity During Quarantine

When you get the most common flu-like symptoms such as cough, colds, runny nose, and mild headache—it is your immune system’s way of asking for help. These symptoms are showing up because you might have been running out of defenders inside your body.  Why is this...
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Nutrition as the Best Skincare Routine For You

Nutrition as the Best Skincare Routine For You Doing your “skincare routine” goes beyond merely applying the product on your skin. The most effective way of nourishing your skin is by simply having a healthy diet. Believe it or not, daily consumption of a...
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Is your immune system ready for the battlefield? We got you covered!

With the fear of infectious diseases like the Coronavirus, our body’s immune system, which serves as an army in fending off foreign invaders, needs an extra boost more than ever. Here are practical tips on how you can improve your immune system’s function in defending...
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5 Sweet Tips for Staying Healthy during Valentine’s Season

As Valentine’s day draws near, we must not forget that staying healthy and keeping our loved ones healthy should remain our top priority. Here are 5 tips to help achieve that: Why not do an exercise date? Sure, you may have a romantic dinner in mind as your main event...
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Ancient Chinese Health Traditions

As we celebrate the Year of the Rat, let’s look at various ancient Chinese health practices that are still relevant today. Acupuncture The practice of placing needles on specific point on the body is the basic description of Acupuncture. Fine needles are inserted into...
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New Year, New You

Year after year, everyone makes their New Year’s resolutions. It’s only natural to do so because you desire or welcome changes for the incoming new year. Most of these resolutions either relate to going on a diet or to eat healthier in general. However, in...
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Surviving Christmas without Guilt

The Philippines is known for celebrating the holiday season like no other country. The celebration is not complete without food and merriment. Here are some tips to keep the extra pounds away without depriving yourself. Choose your Christmas Parties wisely There are...
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Smart Ways to Shape Up During Christmas Season

Come Christmas season, we generally let loose and let go of our diet and workout plans. However, one must bear in mind that whatever your body is after all the festivities will be the foundation you will have to work with once January hits. So if you can, opt to...
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TJ Manotoc’s Secret Life Hack is Baron Method

Article originally appeared here: Thrive Global: What’s the first... read more

4 Food Swaps Kids will Love

  Fast Food French Fries Even though people choose to believe that ordering French fries counts as their daily serving of vegetables, French fries from your favorite fast food chain is definitely not healthy. First, the oil used in frying the fries is usually... read more

The Health Myth of Brown Sugar

We’re sure you’ve heard it before: “Use brown sugar, para mas healthy!” We hate to break it to you but brown sugar isn’t exactly what it seems. It’s white sugar, but with molasses added back in Yep. That’s what brown sugar is. It is basically white sugar that has... read more

Five Local Food You Should Be Eating

In a country that is saturated with food chains and food products from abroad, it is no surprise why local food has taken a back seat. Often times, most Filipinos opt for sodas, burgers, etc. rather than trying indigenous (meaning, locally grown and harvested)... read more

Nutrition for Trail Running

Trail running is an entirely different animal from traditional running. In my personal opinion, trail running requires more meticulous planning in terms of nutrition. A trail runner has to take into consideration that aid stations might be non-existent or few and far... read more

Nutrition: The Neglected Aspect of Sports (Part 2)

Hydrate how? For every athlete, hydration is a big concern. More often than not, dehydration is a concern especially for a tropical country like the Philippines. Thus, most athletes make sure they drink a lot to stay hydrated. If you want to know if you are dehydrated... read more

Nutrition: The Neglected Aspect of Sports (Part 1)

Every athlete dreams of racing their personal best. All preparations are made to ensure that they race to their limit. The expensive gear, hours and hours of training, topnotch coaching—these are usually what athletes spend their time and money on. But, what about... read more

5 alternatives for going Meat-Free

Meat has always been the go-to source of protein for people who want to build muscle. Meat, whether it is chicken, pork, beef, turkey, etc is good because it keeps satiety levels high. It contains high levels of muscle-building protein compared to other types of food.... read more

For Athletes: Should you go Paleo?

With Crossfit centers all over the metro, it is no surprise that some endurance athletes might have considered, at one point or another, to try the Paleolothic diet. The question is, does Paleo suit endurance athletes who also do Crossfit? Read the pros and cons of... read more

For Athletes: Tips for Eating Healthy On-the-Go

The biggest challenge for any athlete, or anyone who wants to be healthy for that matter, is what to eat when travelling. Not only do you miss the luxury of having home-cooked meals, frequently eating out can adversely affect your overall performance with any sport if... read more

To Eat or Not to Eat Before a Workout

Have you ever had that bloated feeling in your stomach during a workout? Chances are you ate too close to the start of your activity. Food that needs to be chewed has to go through your digestive track before it can be converted as glycogen to be used as energy. With... read more

How does water become toxic?

Our body is made up of about 60% water. Needless to say, water is essential for our survival. But what if the water you are drinking isn’t exactly good for you? Water, itself, doesn’t spoil or expire. It only becomes bad due to external factors. The container: Is your... read more