Is your immune system ready for the battlefield? We got you covered!

With the fear of infectious diseases like the Coronavirus, our body’s immune system, which serves as an army in fending off foreign invaders, needs an extra boost more than ever.

Here are practical tips on how you can improve your immune system’s function in defending your body against infectious diseases:

High value nutrients: The game changer!

Our body demands a good balance of vitamins and minerals to help boost the immune system, including Vitamins A, B- complex,C, E, Iron, and Zinc. The simplest way of putting them together is by adding a variety and balance of fruits and vegetables to your diet in large quantities. Why go all-out on these? Simply because by getting them from actual whole food, your body gets to recognize the vitamins and minerals, letting you absorb a huge dose.

Vitamin C improves your immune system to fight off viruses and bacteria. Vegetables like broccoli can provide you 57 mg of vitamin C when you consume half a cup. Additionally, ½ cup of red bell pepper gives you 190 mg of vitamin C which is 3x more than orange. Fruits such as papaya are also high in vitamin C which can provide you 88.3 mg when you eat half a cup.

Get that good bacteria in!

Good bacteria or what we call ‘probiotics’ can significantly boost your immune system. Harmful bacteria and viruses won’t thrive inside the body when you get them in good quality and quantity.

Probiotic food is a good start. Try consuming kombucha, kefir, or as simple as pickled food items (if you can make one at home, the better!) to your diet. Also, several studies have proven that probiotic capsules provide unique strains of good bacteria that the body needs to get that boost in immunity!

Stay Hydrated.

Adequate water intake gives the body enough capacity to deliver vitamins and minerals more efficiently. Also, water is one of the simplest ways of detoxing the body from harmful toxins brought by viruses and bacteria.

Rest as much as you can.

When your body wants to recover from a disease, nothing beats rest and good quality sleep. Also, eating clean/whole food changes the game on boosting sleep by activating the Melatonin, the body’s hormone responsible for inducing sleep.

Nothing is more valuable than being prepared from the risk of infectious diseases. For more information on how you can boost your immune system the natural way, feel free to reach us! Contact Baron Method to know more.

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