Coping with Mental Health through Food

Viruses and diseases are always a great threat to everyone. During these trying times, it is essential to mind our mental health. Nothing is more important than allowing yourself to cope with this one-of-a-kind situation. Good thing, food and nutrition has its own way of helping. Baron Method has a few tips for you!


Good quality complex carbohydrates

Complex carbohydrates provide health-promoting nutrients and phytochemicals which help in increasing the production of serotonin, a brain chemical that has calming effects. Include colored rice like brown rice or whole grains like Adlai in your meals.


Don’t forget your high-quality proteins

Consumption of proteins can also affect brain function and mental health. Proteins are made up of amino acids that compose neurotransmitters in the brain. Like carbohydrates, proteins increase the production of serotonin through tryptophan. It also increases levels of dopamine in the brain, a brain chemical that plays a role in attention, motivation, and concentration. A variety of high-quality proteins include eggs, beans, and fish.


Add good fats to your diet

Essential fatty acids like omega 3 and 6 play important roles in protecting the brain from inflammations and regulate neurotransmitters in the brain. Fatty fish, nut oils, and avocados are some good fats that you can include in your diet. Studies show that including good fats in your diet may help in improving mood, memory, and overall brain health. 



Having good quality sleep can go a long way. Sleep is known to sweep off toxins in the brain to maintain its function. Also, when you have good quality sleep, the sleep modulators in your brain, also known as sleep-promoting cells are working effectively, which helps to regulate your mood and keeps you concentrated. 


Social media detox

Giving yourself a break is a special treat. Maintaining space for your screen time keeps your mental health on a positive side. You might need to establish rules to check news and other online apps at a specific time in a day to minimize exposure to news that you find to be negative or toxic for your mental health. Guard your thoughts against information and current events that don’t spark your interest.

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It is equally valuable to create an environment that nurtures not only your body but your mind as well. We can help you Transform your Health through the Healing Power of Food. Contact Baron Method to know more.

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