A Family’s Transition from Weak and Sickly to Healthy and Happy

Mr. and Mrs. Del Rosario suffered from hypertension, gout, and leg problems due to their weight which prompted their interest to join the program as a family. As soon as they started eating healthy, they have been relieved of previous health concerns, now they have so much more energy to bond and spend time with their kids.

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Overcoming Obesity with Real Food

Jesse De Guzman has been dealing with obesity since he was a child. Baron Method was able to transform his health through the healing power of food and now he is able to play his favorite sports while maintaining a great physique.

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Strong and Steadfast Athlete

Kaye, a student athlete, wanted to take her swimming to the next level. Despite being a good swimmer, she lagged behind because her physique wasn’t at par with competitors. After changing the way and the quality of the food she eats, her performance improved drastically.

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Abby Discovers the Healing Power of Food

After rebelling against her body at the onset of finding out she had cysts in her breasts, Abby turned to Baron Method so she can finally make changes in her way of eating. A few months into the program, she noticed having more energy, glowing skin, and a better overall health.

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Recovering from Guillan-Barre Syndrome

From not being able to walk due to Guillan-Barre Syndrome, Vitor has started playing football in a matter of months with the help of good nutrition. He now values eating good food and shares what he knows with his friends to inspire them to live a healthy life like him.

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How Eating Right Supports Children with Developmental Needs

Dr. Tatas Castrillo, Developmental Pediatrician, narrates how significant the role of nutrition is in helping kids become more cognizant and focused.

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Never Too Young to Start Eating Healthy

Marga, 18, used to be so worried about taking in food. With the help of Baron Method, she now understands how food can be a friend rather than an enemy.

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Violy’s Greatest Investment is Food that Heals

After being diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis, Violy was always in the hospital. She felt like she lost her true self. When she started eating healthy, she realized that food truly heals and she is now at her happiest.

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Cancer-free and Happy at 64

Are you sick of being sick? Find out how Deana beat obesity, cancer, high cholesterol, and all sorts of lifestyle diseases.

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From Four Times a Year to Zero Hospital Visits

Eizza was so sickly that she would usually be confined at the hospital four times a year due to a variety of reasons. That, however, has become a thing of the past because with proper nutrition, she now rarely deals with illnesses and her body feels fantastic.

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Father Beats Gout and Psoriasis

Third, a father, wanted to treat his gout and psoriasis so that he can spend more time with his kids and family. Find out how he changed his life with the help of Baron Method.

Strong and Healthy at 58

Matec, a mother of 2 special boys, aims to achieve the best state of health possible to outlive them. At 58, she feels strong, has no maintenance medication, and is looking great and feeling great.

Marathon Enthusiast Fights Menopause and Aging

Edna was previously concerned about aging and menopause, prompting her to do all kinds of diets. Little did she know that it is possible to live a healthy and balanced life just by understanding how food can heal the body.

Doctor with Colon Cancer uses the Healing Power of Food

Jerre, a young doctor, was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3B used to eat a lot of processed food, junk food, and sweets because of the hectic nature of his work. With a better understanding of how food can heal the body, he was able to keep his immune system up during chemotherapy treatments and is now cancer-free.

Starvation Dieter Discovers the Healing Power of Food

Janet, 52, has tried so many diet programs to get rid of excess weight. However, because her body is not getting enough nutrients, she started losing her hair and skin problems surfaced. With Baron Method, she now has a better understanding of food and she feels great inside and out.

Build Your Healthy Foundations Early On

Being young doesn’t make you immune from feeling weak and sickly. Find out how 24-year-old Aimee is preparing for a happy, healthy, and worry-free life early on.