Remember the Three Little Pigs?

Whenever their house broke down, they used better tools to build it back up. When sticks and straws stopped working, they used bricks instead. What about us? Whenever we have an illness, disease, or condition, we take medicines to put out the immediate fire. The difference, however, is that we don’t replace our sticks and straws with bricks – because we don’t change our daily habits for better health.

At Baron Method, we believe in the healing power of food. We believe that if you properly learn how to consume food, when to consume food, and what type of food to consume, your health will be nearly indestructible, just like that brick house. We will teach you how to procure proper ingredients by reading labels, how to choose the right poultry, meat, and vegetables, and how to prepare your food through a wide-range of kitchen strategies and recipes.

We believe that anything worthwhile takes commitment and discipline.

If you believe that you’re ready for a customized eating plan that perfectly suits your needs,

we’re just as ready for you.

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