Ways of Boosting your Immunity During Quarantine

When you get the most common flu-like symptoms such as cough, colds, runny nose, and mild headache—it is your immune system’s way of asking for help. These symptoms are showing up because you might have been running out of defenders inside your body. 

Why is this happening? What do you need to do to nip this in the bud?


Get colorful!


High-value nutrients are the ones that your body can recognize in a heartbeat! A good combination of colors from your fruits and vegetables activates your defenders (a.k.a. good bacteria that make up your immune system). It gives them an extra push in kicking the bad bacteria off your system. 

By going colorful we mean phytonutrients.  These are substances found in fruits and vegetables that are known to boost your immune system, especially when infused in your daily diet with enough variety and serving portions. Few of them are colors like blue/purple (flavonoids), green (lutein), red (lycopene), yellow/orange (carotenoids). 

Of course, when you’re badly hurt, you would need more defenders. That’s why when someone is sick or previously been diagnosed with lifestyle diseases (like diabetes, hypertension or cancer) all the more that their immune system needs high-value nutrients.


Snooze, exercise, repeat.  

There are a lot of studies over the years proving that good quality sleep enhances the delivery and absorption of essential vitamins and minerals throughout the body, thus, boosting the immune system. 

Also, stress is one of the culprits causing your immune system to crash. Sneaking in a form of physical activity that you truly enjoy gives you an enhanced ability to boost your mood and reduce stress hormones significantly. This can be your game-changer in building your immunity!


Inhale the positive, exhale the negative 

Check your friend, ask your workmate how is he/she holding up, or send a message to your significant other. Simple acts of empathy and encouragement might be the last extra push that a person needs to get going especially during these trying times. The body’s reaction to food, sleep and exercise is driven by environmental factors. The importance of a healthy and welcoming environment never goes out of style in one’s overall health!


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