The Christmas Balance: Have a Merry Healthy Christmas!

Christmas is one of the biggest festivities of the year and the celebration usually starts early December or can even be as early once the ber-month hits. Along with the festivities and happy bellies come the expanding waistlines. How do you enjoy this holiday season without compromising your health? Here are some tips on how to manage a Healthy Christmas:


Spend your cheat days with family

You’ve worked hard on your body for months and that is no easy feat. Remember, the conscious effort you made for eating healthy and all that sweat and energy you’ve exerted on your work-outs, you definitely wouldn’t want all of those to go to waste and ruin your health goals. But it doesn’t necessarily mean, you’re never going to enjoy the Christmas feasts. Make your cheat meals worthwhile by choosing who you’re going to spend them with and try to have a maximum of 3 cheat days for the month of December and make each one count. Indulge with all your favorite celebratory food like lechon, bibingka, puto bumbong, etc., and enjoy the holiday guilt-free.


Drink tea after your cheat

Gaining an extra pound or so in one day? Have a hot cup of tea after a cheat. Dandelion tea will help reduce the water retention from all the rich food that you had. Chamomile, on the other hand, will help with the bloated feeling after eating all those cheat food in one day. Try to look for the organic ones and take that extra level of being healthy. Relax and enjoy your tea time!


Party with friends, not food

Always ask yourself why you are going to a certain Christmas party. More often than not, it isn’t for the food being served but for the company of the people there. Be smart about the parties. And remember to plan your cheat meals wisely. You’d rather get your fill of stories and laughs with friends than stuffing yourself with “bad food”. Don’t binge eat at every chance you have and be mindful of carefully choosing what you eat and drink.


Don’t look back. Always forward

You enjoyed your cheat day. Don’t feel guilty about it. Create resolutions that will help your body recover for the holiday season. Just make sure to stay positive that you will achieve your previous health goals again and knowing you’ve enjoyed this holiday season and that you’re now moving forward to reaching your old and new health goals in the coming months.


Bonus Tip: Drink on an empty stomach

You drink because you want to get the buzz. The fastest way to get the buzz with little and moderate alcohol consumption is to drink on an empty stomach. Once you get a little light-headed, catch up with food, and enjoy the night with your company. Have soda water as a chaser too to avoid nasty hangovers.


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