COVID- 19 and Comorbidities: Why You Should Be Concerned

In the news, we learned that individuals who suffer from lifestyle and chronic diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and even kidney disease are more at risk to contract COVID- 19 and are less likely to recover from the virus.  Why is this and what can you do to prevent it?



Comorbidities are the presence of two or more chronic diseases simultaneously. If a person has an existing chronic or lifestyle disease and then contracts COVID-19, this is considered as comorbidity. Studies have shown that those with comorbidities, along with COVID-19, are more likely to expire than those who do not have comorbidities. 


Maintenance meds and COVID-19

Prolonged use of maintenance medication exhausts the immune system. It may not be as responsive and alert when the threat of virus is nearly there because it has been working quite hard to keep up with the use of meds (antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications) making those who are taking it more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 or when something like COVID-19 strikes, the body may be ill-equipped to fight. 


Age vs Health

One vulnerable group that needs extra attention in keeping their immune system at its peak are the elderly. Aside from considering the age of an individual, overall health is important as well. Part of this is magnifying the effects of food and nutrition which plays a key role in keeping the immunity up and running, making them less susceptible to contracting the virus. However, if you are a senior but your health is in check and you are not taking any maintenance medication, you are less likely to suffer gravely from COVID-19 than those who are on maintenance medication. 


Food is the long-term solution

Making a decision to switch to cleaner food is always the best option. Your body recognizes real food easily, so your immune system responds very well to them. Your army of defense gets the maximum benefits from chemical-free, antibiotic-free substances that help your whole system to recover even when the threat of the virus is just around. Also, doing this long term can prevent you from developing lifestyle diseases in the long run.

When talking about overall health, diet and immunity are only two items on the list. There are other things to be considered to prepare your body against diseases and viruses. Baron Method can help you!

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