Top Diet Myths Debunked (Part 2 of 3)

(Part 2 of 3)

Everyone who has ever wished to be slimmer or healthier has encountered dieting myths without even knowing that it was a myth. In this 3-part article, you will learn what makes a dieting myth, a myth and what health and weight-loss habits you should be following.


1. Exercising in the morning burns more calories or is more effective than working out in the evening.

Exercising in the morning actually has an effect throughout the day. By exercising in the morning, your endorphins and metabolism will be higher than usual and this will continue as the day goes by. However, exercise is exercise. There is no excuse for not exercising just because it is already evening. Exercising in the evening will still benefit your body as opposed to no exercise at all.


2. Lifting weights don’t help you lose weight because they bulk you up.

Although the main purpose of lifting weights is to build muscle, it does not necessarily mean you will bulk up. Lifting weights can actually help you lose weight because it increases your muscle percentage, which actually helps burn fat.

Even women should not be afraid to lift weights in fear of looking too “manly”. In order to bulk like a man, there are hormonal considerations that need to be taken note of. A woman doesn’t have the same level of testosterone that a man does. Lifting weights also means you prevent future posture deterioration. This is because the spine is also supported by muscle. Muscle degradation that comes with age contributes highly to developing kyphosis or hunchback.


3. Cutting out snacks helps you lose weight.

Cutting out snacks will not help you lose weight, instead it can even contribute to helping you gain unwanted fat! When you skip snacks, you lengthen the period where your body has no fuel to process. By the time your next meal rolls around, your body is already tired and starved and will be telling you to eat more than you should. In turn, you gain fat when you should have lost weight. Diet myth, busted!


4. Eating small, frequent meals boosts your metabolism.

Eating frequent meals does boost your meIabolism but they should not necessarily be small because small is highly subjective. If you eat too little, even if frequent, your metabolism is still slowing down. If you eat like a bird throughout the day in larger frequencies, chances are by the evening, you might get hungry and binge.


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