Overcoming Gout and Obesity through Sustainable Nutrition

In an attempt to take control of gout and improve his overall health, Sherwin tried many fad diets. But to no avail, he found that the weight he lost would eventually come back while doing little in addressing his health conditions. But as Sherwin discovered the...
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Overcoming Stage 4 Colon Cancer with Baron Method

Diagnosed with Stage 4 Colon Cancer, Toto was losing a significant amount of weight. He was told that he only has 12-18 months to live. With his overall health deteriorating, Toto decided to trust in the Method. With the Healing Power of Food, he was able to stabilize...
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Coping with Pediatric Cancer through Nutrition

Kat, mother of Khail, talks about how nutrition is helping her son with his 3-year cancer treatment. With a transformed lifestyle and diet, Khail faces almost zero chemotherapy side effects. The entire Family continues to stay faithful to their Baron Method protocol....
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Cancer Survivor: Taking Control of Her Health Through Food

Hilary aced her blood work in the course of her treatment plan and only encountered minimal side effects during her battle against cancer in 2020. Throughout her recovery process, she trusted in the Healing Power of Food. Until today, she continues to eat the Baron...
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An Active Mom Rebuilds Relationship with Food through Baron Method

With the healthy habits that Aliza built within the Baron Method’s full program, she is able to Transform Her Health each day. She continues to maintain a sustainable and active lifestyle. Other Stories Overcoming Gout and Obesity through Sustainable Nutrition...
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Healing PCOS through Food

Joy, a public school teacher, was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). She struggled with irregular period, insulin resistance, and unfavorable blood chemistry results. With discipline and guidance of Baron Method, she was able to manage the symptoms,...
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Transformed Health after a near Fatal Stroke

In 2019, Jeff Eliscupidez, a dedicated pastor, experienced a stroke due to his unhealthy eating habits given his job’s hectic nature. With the fear of having another attack, he decided to trust the Method and the Healing Power of Food. Since then, Pastor Jeff...
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Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine

A Foodie, diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, fights the battle within through the healing power of food. Believing in Baron Method allowed her to empower her body to fight cancer and recover from surgery. She is now cancer-free and back to work. This could be your...
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Kuya Kim Atienza’s Baron Method Journey

Despite all his training and intermittent fasting, Kuya Kim still struggled to manage his sugar level. With Baron Method’s help, he successfully reached his goal, his blood sugar from 128 to 79, the lowest in his life. His sugar levels are now within normal...
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Fight Cancer Through the Healing Power of Food

Being cancer-free for 2 years, Tanya still continues to eat the Baron Method way to prevent her cancer from recurring and manage her health issues post-cancer. Other Stories Overcoming Gout and Obesity through Sustainable Nutrition Overcoming Stage 4 Colon Cancer with...
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Father Beats Gout and Psoriasis

Third, a father, wanted to treat his gout and psoriasis so that he can spend more time with his kids and family. Find out how he changed his life with the help of Baron Method.

Strong and Healthy at 58

Matec, a mother of 2 special boys, aims to achieve the best state of health possible to outlive them. At 58, she feels strong, has no maintenance medication, and is looking great and feeling great.

Marathon Enthusiast Fights Menopause and Aging

Edna was previously concerned about aging and menopause, prompting her to do all kinds of diets. Little did she know that it is possible to live a healthy and balanced life just by understanding how food can heal the body.

Doctor with Colon Cancer uses the Healing Power of Food

Jerre, a young doctor, was diagnosed with colon cancer stage 3B used to eat a lot of processed food, junk food, and sweets because of the hectic nature of his work. With a better understanding of how food can heal the body, he was able to keep his immune system up during chemotherapy treatments and is now cancer-free.

Starvation Dieter Discovers the Healing Power of Food

Janet, 52, has tried so many diet programs to get rid of excess weight. However, because her body is not getting enough nutrients, she started losing her hair and skin problems surfaced. With Baron Method, she now has a better understanding of food and she feels great inside and out.

Build Your Healthy Foundations Early On

Being young doesn’t make you immune from feeling weak and sickly. Find out how 24-year-old Aimee is preparing for a happy, healthy, and worry-free life early on.

Make the Family’s Health a Priority

Sandra and her family has encountered so many challenges when it comes to their health. Their new perspective on food, with the guidance of Baron Method, has now allowed them to live a better quality of life.

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