Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine

A Foodie, diagnosed with a rare type of cancer, fights the battle within through the healing power of food. Believing in Baron Method allowed her to empower her body to fight cancer and recover from surgery. She is now cancer-free and back to work. This could be your...
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Kuya Kim Atienza’s Baron Method Journey

Despite all his training and intermittent fasting, Kuya Kim still struggled to manage his sugar level. With Baron Method’s help, he successfully reached his goal, his blood sugar from 128 to 79, the lowest in his life. His sugar levels are now within normal...
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Fight Cancer Through the Healing Power of Food

Being cancer-free for 2 years, Tanya still continues to eat the Baron Method way to prevent her cancer from recurring and manage her health issues post-cancer. Other Stories Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine Kuya Kim Atienza’s Baron Method...
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Treat Psoriasis Through the Healing Power of Food

From being almost covered with psoriasis marks which affected his entire life and worrying about the cost of his medicines, JC is now healthier and happier sans his psoriasis marks. Other Stories Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine Kuya Kim...
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Reducing Diabetes Medications Through Food

For 23 years, Nedy has been dealing with gestational diabetes. Through the Healing Power of Food, she was able to manage her diabetes and now, her health is steadily improving and continues to eat the Baron Method way. Other Stories Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with...
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Cancer Survivor: Know How To Remain Cancer Free

Since 2014, Anelle uses Food As A Weapon in Battling the big C. She remains Cancer-Free and is Living Proof that the Baron Method Program can be Part of Your Life. Other Stories Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine Kuya Kim Atienza’s Baron Method...
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How Food Can Heal Ulcerative Colitis

Kevin’s Ulcerative Colitis is now under control with the guidance of the Nutritionists of Baron Method. Proof that Food Matters in Managing Autoimmune Disease. Other Stories Surviving Rare Stage 4 Cancer with Food as Medicine Kuya Kim Atienza’s Baron...
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Discovering The Wonders of Food After a Heart Attack

In 2018, Joel Banal, former PBA head coach, had a heart attack and discovered he was anemic during his stent procedure. Halfway through his Baron Method Program, his ECG results have normalized. His latest bloodwork is normal and He is Back On Track with coaching....
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Revealing the Healing Power of Food after a Heart Attack

Victoria thought that she was ready to go but after her heart attack in 2016, she realized she still wants to enjoy life with her grandchildren. She’s been doing the program for 4 years and is living proof that one can Change Their Health Through The Healing...
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Using Food As Medicine To Walk Away From Gout

Joseph had been suffering from gout since he was 21 which hindered him to spend time with his family. With the change in mindset, he now views and uses Food to Heal Him, Gain More Energy, and Living An Active Lifestyle. This Could Be Your Story As Well.. Other Stories...
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Make the Family’s Health a Priority

Sandra and her family has encountered so many challenges when it comes to their health. Their new perspective on food, with the guidance of Baron Method, has now allowed them to live a better quality of life.

Cancer-free and Happy at 64

Are you sick of being sick? Find out how Deana beat obesity, cancer, high cholesterol, and all sorts of lifestyle diseases.

Living Life to the Fullest at 60

Maribel, at 62, challenged herself by deciding to transform her body with the guidance of Baron Method. Good food has helped her have so much energy to lift weights and do pole dancing even if she’s over 60. Deemed “Sexiest Lola” by FHM, she is true testament that it is never too late to change your life.

A Family’s Transition from Weak and Sickly to Healthy and Happy

Mr. and Mrs. Del Rosario suffered from hypertension, gout, and leg problems due to their weight which prompted their interest to join the program as a family. As soon as they started eating healthy, they have been relieved of previous health concerns, now they have so much more energy to bond and spend time with their kids.

Recovering from Guillan-Barre Syndrome

From not being able to walk due to Guillan-Barre Syndrome, Vitor has started playing football in a matter of months with the help of good nutrition. He now values eating good food and shares what he knows with his friends to inspire them to live a healthy life like him.

Andrea Just Keeps Swimming with the Help of Good Food

Andrea, a swimmer of the Ateneo Lady Tankers, used to always feel tired and weak during practice. With the help of good food, she now rarely feels weak or sick despite the rigorous training. She is always fueled to reach the top.

A Mother’s Relief from Hypertension

From being overweight and hypertensive, Vicki feels more energetic, more inspired, and happier as a result of eating healthy. Her daughter Hannah could not be happier and helps motivate her to continue on with a healthy life.

Violy’s Greatest Investment is Food that Heals

After being diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis, Violy was always in the hospital. She felt like she lost her true self. When she started eating healthy, she realized that food truly heals and she is now at her happiest.

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