Build Your Healthy Foundations Early On

Being young doesn’t make you immune from feeling weak and sickly. Find out how 24-year-old Aimee is preparing for a happy, healthy, and worry-free life early on.

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Eat Healthy for a Life Full of Adventures

Francis, 41, used to be always tired and weak. With Baron Method, he is so much stronger and is now able to do things he could not do before.

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Overcoming Severe Acidity (GERD)

Ces, a hardworking mom with severe GERD(acidity), wanted to improve her health for her daughter’s sake. From being able to plan only two hours from now, she is now able to live a happy and healthy life.

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Beating Asthma and Acid Reflux

Gov, an entrepreneur, used to be really sickly to the point of acquiring asthma and acid reflux. Just by changing the way he eats, he has changed from being a hypochondriac to feeling like “Superman.”

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Father Beats Gout and Psoriasis

Third, a father, wanted to treat his gout and psoriasis so that he can spend more time with his kids and family. Find out how he changed his life with the help of Baron Method.

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Living Life to the Fullest at 60

Maribel, at 62, challenged herself by deciding to transform her body with the guidance of Baron Method. Good food has helped her have so much energy to lift weights and do pole dancing even if she’s over 60. Deemed “Sexiest Lola” by FHM, she is true testament that it is never too late to change your life.

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From Four Times a Year to Zero Hospital Visits

Eizza was so sickly that she would usually be confined at the hospital four times a year due to a variety of reasons. That, however, has become a thing of the past because with proper nutrition, she now rarely deals with illnesses and her body feels fantastic.

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A Mother and Son’s Health Journey

Matec and her son Franco wanted to look good, feel great, and become truly healthy. With Baron Method, not only do they feel great on the outside, they also have more energy for various activities that make life so much more enjoyable.

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A Family’s Transition from Weak and Sickly to Healthy and Happy

Mr. and Mrs. Del Rosario suffered from hypertension, gout, and leg problems due to their weight which prompted their interest to join the program as a family. As soon as they started eating healthy, they have been relieved of previous health concerns, now they have so much more energy to bond and spend time with their kids.

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Strong and Healthy at 58

Matec, a mother of 2 special boys, aims to achieve the best state of health possible to outlive them. At 58, she feels strong, has no maintenance medication, and is looking great and feeling great.

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Japeth’s Secret to Limitless Energy

Japeth Aguilar, one of Philippine Basketball’s finest, used to feel tired and weak after grueling practice sessions. Skeptical at first, he took a leap of faith and tried the Baron Method. Because of eating healthy, now he has limitless energy to make sure he is always on top of his game.

Donita’s Struggle with Chronic Migraines

Donita suffered from chronic migraines so she wanted to make major changes to improve her health. Through Baron Method’s nutritional coaching and food education, her health issues have been significantly reduced, and now she views food as her friend rather than an enemy.

Playing More and Feeling Great

TJ, a sports anchor, had a wake-up call when he felt knee-pain while playing basketball. Find out how eating the right food helped him get back his strength and vitality.

Making Food your Medicine

Jacque, at the age of 19, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which meant cuts and lacerations in the colon. Luckily, that has become a thing of the past as soon as she started making the right choices when it comes to food.

Winning Over Cancer

Vince, a student and a budding athlete, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer. Vince, along with his parents, George and Vivian, supplemented traditional cancer treatment with the right food in order to keep his immune system strong. Vince is now cancer-free from head-to-toe.

Strong and Steadfast Athlete

Kaye, a student athlete, wanted to take her swimming to the next level. Despite being a good swimmer, she lagged behind because her physique wasn’t at par with competitors. After changing the way and the quality of the food she eats, her performance improved drastically.

Surviving Breast Cancer

Anelle, a breast cancer survivor, encountered health issues post-cancer. Although she tried her best to “eat healthy”, she knew that she needed proper guidance to keep her health in check to prevent the cancer from recurring, other general health issues, and to keep her energy levels up.

Overcoming Severe Acidity (GERD)

Ces, a hardworking mom with severe GERD(acidity), wanted to improve her health for her daughter’s sake. From being able to plan only two hours from now, she is now able to live a happy and healthy life.