How Eating Right Supports Children with Developmental Needs

Dr. Tatas Castrillo, Developmental Pediatrician, narrates how significant the role of nutrition is in helping kids become more cognizant and focused.

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Strong and Steadfast Athlete

Kaye, a student athlete, wanted to take her swimming to the next level. Despite being a good swimmer, she lagged behind because her physique wasn’t at par with competitors. After changing the way and the quality of the food she eats, her performance improved drastically.

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Surviving Breast Cancer

Anelle, a breast cancer survivor, encountered health issues post-cancer. Although she tried her best to “eat healthy”, she knew that she needed proper guidance to keep her health in check to prevent the cancer from recurring, other general health issues, and to keep her energy levels up.

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Eat Healthy for a Life Full of Adventures

Francis, 41, used to be always tired and weak. With Baron Method, he is so much stronger and is now able to do things he could not do before.

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Abby Discovers the Healing Power of Food

After rebelling against her body at the onset of finding out she had cysts in her breasts, Abby turned to Baron Method so she can finally make changes in her way of eating. A few months into the program, she noticed having more energy, glowing skin, and a better overall health.

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Winning Over Cancer

Vince, a student and a budding athlete, was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, a blood cancer. Vince, along with his parents, George and Vivian, supplemented traditional cancer treatment with the right food in order to keep his immune system strong. Vince is now cancer-free from head-to-toe.

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Making Food your Medicine

Jacque, at the age of 19, was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which meant cuts and lacerations in the colon. Luckily, that has become a thing of the past as soon as she started making the right choices when it comes to food.

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A Diabetic Physician Normalizes his Blood Sugar Levels by Eating Right

Dr. Norie Roxas, a physician, is a known diabetic. Despite taking several pills a day, his blood sugar level did not seem to improve. With the help of Baron Method, he is now happier, more active, and weaned off medication.

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Violy’s Greatest Investment is Food that Heals

After being diagnosed with Asthmatic Bronchitis, Violy was always in the hospital. She felt like she lost her true self. When she started eating healthy, she realized that food truly heals and she is now at her happiest.

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Overcoming Diabetes and Other Lifestyle Diseases

Rico and Chrissy take a journey to health as a couple. The result? Rico was able to overcome diabetes, heart problems, and high cholesterol all through the healing power of food.

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Doting Father Experiences the Healing Power of Food

For the longest time, Alex’s blood results were off the charts. When he started understanding how food can heal the body through the Baron Method, his energy levels went up and looks so much younger.

Father Beats Gout and Psoriasis

Third, a father, wanted to treat his gout and psoriasis so that he can spend more time with his kids and family. Find out how he changed his life with the help of Baron Method.

Strong and Healthy at 58

Matec, a mother of 2 special boys, aims to achieve the best state of health possible to outlive them. At 58, she feels strong, has no maintenance medication, and is looking great and feeling great.

Marathon Enthusiast Fights Menopause and Aging

Edna was previously concerned about aging and menopause, prompting her to do all kinds of diets. Little did she know that it is possible to live a healthy and balanced life just by understanding how food can heal the body.